Energy Projects

Power lines
Wind turbines
Solar panels
LED bulbs

If you have ever tried to execute an energy project on your campus, you know how challenging it can be. First, you have to find the time. Then, you need to build consensus. Next, you need to identify trustworthy partners, vet a constantly changing list of technologies, worry if you’re getting the best price, and find the best way to get the project installed. Oh, and that’s before the presentations to the parish council, finance council, buildings & grounds committee and anyone else who has a say in what projects take place. In short - who has the time?


Energy Financing

Catholic Energies recognizes that the biggest barrier to proceeding with capital upgrades to your facilities is often a lack of capital. That is why we have carefully cultivated a unique set of financing options that address the specific needs of Catholic campuses.

Note that there is NO upfront cost to your campus to work with Catholic Energies; your campus will only pay for the projects it chooses to execute. Note as well, that Catholic Energies offers these financing options to those campuses that want them; you are free to pay for projects in whatever way you choose.


Energy Education

As a program of the Catholic Climate Covenant, Catholic Energies has access to a library of educational materials developed over a dozen years. Understanding that each Catholic campus is unique, we will work with you to determine how to approach educating your campus stakeholders about the work that your campus is doing, and why such work is both easy and important for them to carry forward into the rest of their lives.