• Power lines
  • Wind turbines
  • Solar panels
  • LED bulbs

If you have ever tried to execute an energy project on your campus, you know how challenging it can be. First, you have to find the time. Then, you need to build consensus. Next, you need to identify trustworthy partners, vet a constantly changing list of technologies, worry if you’re getting the best price, and find the best way to get the project installed. Oh, and that’s before the presentations to the parish council, finance council, buildings & grounds committee and anyone else who has a say in what projects take place. In short - who has the time?


Catholic Energies makes this process easy. We serve as your single point of contact to get these projects done. PERIOD.


We work with your campus to ensure that:

  • You have a complete understanding of the projects that may be good fits for your campus. Often, there are more options than you think there may be.

  • The best companies provide you with complete project details in a timeframe that makes sense for you.

  • You receive a consolidated list of recommendations of the projects that deliver the results you seek for your campus, whether those be economic, environmental, comfort or performance.

  • Your already stretched personnel resources are not asked to do more - leave the hard work to us.


Our program has four technical areas of focus:

  1. Energy Procurement - for those campuses in states with deregulated energy markets, we look for every opportunity to get you access to lower cost electricity and natural gas using Catholic Energies’ collective scale to get you the best price possible.

  2. Energy Efficiency - we primarily look to implement lighting, mechanical and controls projects that both drive down operating costs and improve the comfort and operations of your facilities.

  3. Renewable Energy - solar, geothermal, combined heat and power (CHP) - we help you identify not just the right source of renewable energy project for your campus, but provide you with customized, exclusive options to pay for these projects.

  4. Energy Storage - looking to go “off-the-grid”? Catholic Energies can help by helping your campus identify the right battery and storage technology.


Think your campus cannot afford this? Visit our Energy Financing page to learn why your campus cannot afford to NOT proceed with energy projects.