Why own a new boiler, new LED lighting, and an upgraded HVAC system to reduce your electricity consumption? Why be responsible for all of the capital required to pay for that installation?

Catholic Energies enables you to subscribe to those technologies as a service rather than a capital expense. All future maintenance and warranties are taken care of for you. You pay a fixed monthly operating expense for that installed technology service. 

Our goal is simple – can you save enough money each month from the newer energy efficiency technology so to cover your monthly subscription cost? We want you to be cash flow positive “Day 1” so that you receive economic and environmental benefits without the cost of capital and risks of equipment ownership.


Energy Procurement

For those campuses in states with deregulated energy markets, Catholic Energies will investigate options to lower the cost of your electricity and/or natural gas. Taking advantage of these opportunities is as easy as executing a new, simple contract. We’ll take care of everything for you, so all you need to do is sign on the dotted line and watch your energy costs drop. Obviously, we’ll seek to get you green energy whenever possible.


 Energy Efficiency

Catholic campuses that pursue lighting, HVAC or controls projects typically do so in the same way they do any capital project through cash on hand, capital campaigns or debt. For many campuses, these methods work well. For others looking for different options, Catholic Energies has partnered with Sparkfund to offer a customized Technology Subscription to campuses that wish to utilize it.

What is a Technology Subscription? You can read more about it here, but in short this method allows a campus to pursue energy upgrades with:

  • No money upfront.
  • A full performance guarantee.
  • No maintenance risk.
  • A fixed monthly payment for 36-84 months that typically comes out of your operating budget, not your capital budget.


Catholic Energies will work with your campus leaders to determine if this option is right for you.


 Renewable Energy

Any Catholic campus that has considered pursuing a renewable energy project has likely faced the same question: Should we pay cash for the system, or should we finance, perhaps through a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)? This uncertainty combined with the fact that nonprofits that pay cash miss out on the generous tax benefits enjoyed by for-profit organizations can cause analysis paralysis.


Trust us - we get it. Let Catholic Energies help.


We have partnered with industry-leading experts to offer Catholic campuses:

  • A no-cost solar analysis of your campus.
  • Detailed overview of financing options, and recommendations about which may be best for your campus.
  • Access to the tax benefits available to for-profit organizations (for eligible campuses).
  • Turnkey financing and development - leave all the hard work to us.


 Energy Storage

Energy storage projects can be financed in a variety of ways depending on when they are pursued. For example, a battery project that takes place during a solar installation can often be paid for in the same way as the solar project. Adding batteries later means using the Sparkfund Technology Subscription may be a better choice. Regardless, Catholic Energies will work with your campus to determine the best approach.


Contact us to discuss your campuses unique needs, and learn how we can help you!