In response to the release of Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical Laudato Si’, the Catholic Climate Covenant developed Catholic Energies to help Catholic campuses, including parishes, schools, healthcare facilities, and other buildings take meaningful and measurable steps to reduce their energy consumption and costs.

Why is this important? Buildings in the U.S. waste $200 billion per year on energy and emit more than 2,600 million metric tons of CO2. Simply stated, many Catholic buildings are old and require energy-related improvements. We developed Catholic Energies to make it easier for Catholic facilities to pursue these projects.

Catholic Energies is designed to be a turnkey resource for Catholic campuses. Our program is comprehensive and provides support in four key areas: Energy Procurement, Energy Efficiency (including lighting, HVAC and controls), Renewable Energy, and Energy Storage. Along with our partners we will work with you to develop a list of recommended projects that can have the maximum positive impact on your facility by reducing energy waste wherever possible. We prioritize working with local companies to complete the work, and offer innovative methods to pay for projects to ensure that no worthy project goes without funding.

Why Work With Catholic Energies?

We designed Catholic Energies to fit the unique needs of Catholic organizations. Among the the benefits of working with us are:

  1. Our services will cost you nothing unless you choose to pursue projects. – Catholic Energies charges campuses nothing to work with us. We receive fees from our partners only when a campus chooses to move ahead with a project. As a nonprofit, these fees are reinvested into our program, allowing us to offer our services to as many Catholic organizations as possible.
  2. We are another resource, and one you can trust. – Most campuses lack the time and expertise in-house needed to pursue energy-saving programs that are big enough to truly make a difference. We provide you with a single program that can help you address every project that can reduce the amount of energy waste on your campus.
  3. We are a Catholic organization just like you, and we share many of the values that define your mission. – We ground Catholic Energies in Catholic teaching from St. John Paul II, to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to Pope Francis. We believe that it is vital to inform Catholics about their obligations to care for creation and those who suffer from environmental harm, especially the poor and vulnerable. Catholic Energies partners with the education staff on campuses offering them the ability to employ a full menu of educational programs linking the energy programs with Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si’, and challenging Catholics to be witnesses to the world often under threat by our own human activities.
  4. We bring an innovative approach to pay for projects. – Implementing energy projects can be daunting, and figuring out ways to pay for these projects can be just as hard. Many projects can be paid for through the energy savings alone, and Catholic Energies offers a variety of financing options to campuses that are interested in them. We will work with leaders and other stakeholders of your organization to ensure that questions about how to pay for energy projects do not prevent worthy projects from moving forward.
  5. We ensure that local companies participate in projects whenever possible. – We are committed to providing small businesses the opportunity to complete projects for campuses in their own backyards.
  6. We are committed to being long-term partners. – Catholic organizations are centerpieces of their communities, and as such many people play a role in shaping campus priorities. Catholic Energies provides resources to help move leaders to action, and convince stakeholders that pursuing energy projects is justified for reasons of stewardship, practicality and to more fully live our faith. We work closely with facility managers as they know their buildings better than anyone, and will involve all campus stakeholders to tap into their knowledge and expertise so we can reduce your wasteful energy spending as much as possible. It will be a team effort.