Serving on the commitment to Laudato Si, Catholic Energies enables effective, prudent, and affordable clean energy and energy efficiency adoption in Catholic owned buildings. We provide the necessary turnkey resources – time, expertise, and money – for Catholic campuses to take action without debt and additional burdens.

The Catholic Climate Covenant in Washington DC developed Catholic Energies to serve and enable Catholic institutions nationwide who are committed to action. We focus on buildings and turnkey services that provide the means to develop, pay for and install your preferred renewable and energy efficiency projects.  

Reducing Cost and Environment Impacts Require Action

According to the EPA, the burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for building electricity and heat is the largest single source of global greenhouse emissions. Therefore, one meaningful action to care for creation is to reduce your reliance on your local utility that sources your electricity power from fossil fuels

It is estimated that at least 70% of church building ownership costs is in operational costs and capital expenditures. Therefore, one meaningful action to reduce your building costs of ownership is to lower building utility costs, maintenance and risks and avoid capital expenditures required to consume less electricity and utilize solar electricity.

We Help You Commit to Solar Consumption, Not Capital

Catholic Energies has national relationships with faith-based and private investors who will fund 100% of the capital required for turnkey Catholic solar installations. These investors can recoup their investment more effectively than a Catholic non-profit can because these investors can utilize the available tax-based federal, state and local incentives and depreciation benefits from your project. 

The Catholic client signs a Power Purchase Agreement with the investor-backed LLC to pay monthly for the solar electricity at a predictable cost that is lower than their current utility cost. We bring all of these capabilities together for you in the most efficient way possible.

We only match investors and Catholic solar projects that are “win-win” – delivering returns on investment acceptable to the investors with lower operating costs and risks acceptable to the client.

We Help You Commit to Energy Efficiency, Not Debt

Catholic Energies has teamed with a national partner to access any of the best-in-kind energy technologies for your building without buying it. You enjoy new, better systems, such as LED lighting, HVAC upgrades and building controls, at no upfront cost and make a single operating expense payment. This subscription method includes a no-risk guarantee and ensures access to effective, affordable building upgrades. Avoid the need for raising and spending capital for buying energy efficiency technologies.